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Nestling deep inside the Ardennes forest near Liege, Spa-Francorchamps is probably the most visually inspiring stop on the Grand Prix calendar. Situated 50 km south-east of Liège and first used in 1924, it is one of the most famous and evocative circuits in Formula One history.

Detailed seating information on all Belgian F1 grandstands is set out in the circuit maps below. The seating on 70% of all the grandstands for the 2019 Belgian F1 Grand Prix are uncovered – it is therefore highly recommended to prepare yourself for all weather conditions e.g. sunscreen, umbrellas, hats, etc. All of the Belgian Grand Prix grandstands offer bigscreen viewing. Usually tickets for the more popular Belgian grandstands, like the Pits Gold 1, Eau Rouge Gold 3 and Spa Silver 2 grandstands tend to sell out first for the Belgian F1 Grand Prix.


Before considering the most appropriate package that best suits your 2019 Belgian Grand Prix needs, it is important to consider the location and benefits of the available grandstand and general walkabout tickets. We suggest that you refer to the attached circuit map, to further assist you in making the best possible choice.


The Spa Francorchamps circuit currently has a total capacity for 70,000 spectators, which can be accommodated in both the 12 grandstands and its various general admission areas. All grandstand seats are numbered but only 5 grandstands (Gold 1, 2, and 3 as well as Silver 3 and 4). On Friday seating is open on all grandstands to all ticket holders. The uncovered grandstands can become rather hot in the sun and rather wet when it rains at Spa, which is always a strong possibility. The general admission areas offer good viewing and are sometimes well shaded by the majestic old forest trees at Spa. There is also one or two old concrete stands to be found in the general admission areas.

There are sufficient toilets and catering facilities all around the track. There is ample opportunity to buy team and other Formula 1 merchandise, with a number of stalls inside the circuit, and a few unofficial ones on the outside.

Pit – Gold 1 (covered)

The covered Pit grandstand is located halfway down the very short Pits Straight directly opposite the pit boxes area and just past the start line. It still offers you a view of the build-up to and of the start of the race, as well as an excellent view of the racing teams and their pit activities. The grandstand also offers you distant views of the La Source hairpin and of the cars braking and overtaking into the La Source hairpin. The podium ceremony is however not visible from this grandstand.
Two bigscreen TV’s are also located here, enabling you to follow the entire race and not loose track of the procedures.

Gp2 – Gold 2 (covered)

The GP2 grandstand is located on the short straight, directly in front of the GP2 pit boxes and halfway between the La Source hairpin and the Eau Rouge kink. The grandstand offers panoramic views of the cars as they exit the La Source hairpin, all the way. You can also see the pit activities of the GP2 racing teams from this grandstand as well as all the (including the F1) podium ceremony.
A bigscreen is located opposite this grandstand, which makes your Grand Prix experience so much more enjoyable.

Eau Rouge – Gold 3 (covered) / Gold 4 (uncovered)

These two grandstands are located on the outside of the notorious Eau Rouge left / right complex. The terrifying Eau Rouge is the daddy of all corners, and to the drivers the challenge and thrill of trying to take Eau Rouge flat-out. This difficult challenge can catch out even the best of them – think of the memorable footage of Jacques Villeneuve violently spinning from kerb to kerb having not-quite-made-it.
Both these stands (of which only Gold 3 is covered) offers you unbelievable views of Eau Rouge complex and the circuit all the way from the La Source hairpin, through Eau Rouge and into the Raidillion left-hander.
Both grandstands also features a bigscreen TVs, which for obvious reasons makes your entire Grand Prix so much more enjoyable.

Raidillon – Gold 5 (uncovered)

The uncovered Raidillion grandstand is located on the inside of Eau Rouge and offers spectators similar views as described for grandstands Gold 3 & 4 above. You cannot however see the entrance to the left-handed Raidillion corner, because you will be sitting with your back towards this section of the circuit.
Two bigscreen TV’s, are visible from these stands which makes it so much easier for you to keep track of what is happening later on during the race.

Chicane – Gold 6 (uncovered)

The uncovered Chicane grandstand is located on the outside of the bus stop chicane, which is situated just after the very fast and sweeping Blanchiment corner and leads into the short pits straight. In this section the cars reach speeds of up to 305km/h in 6th gear, before braking very hard for this fairly tight, 90km/h and first gear right/left chicane. The braking forces generates over 3,5G for this chicane, which makes it a possible place for passing.
A bigscreen TV is located opposite the grandstand, which enables you to follow the entire race and not loose track of the procedures.

La Source – Gold 7 (uncovered)

The uncovered La Source grandstand as its name indicates is located on the outside of the La Source hairpin at the end of the pit straight. The La Source hairpin is a very tight right-hander, which is taken at about 56km/h and for obvious reasons presents the cars with the best overtaking opportunity on the circuit. The action and excitement which this corner offers in the first and second laps of the Grand Prix is fantastic. The grandstand offers the spectators a good view of the pits straight, the hairpin and a section of the straight leading down to the Eau Rouge corner.
A bigscreen TV is also located opposite the stands, enabling you to follow the entire race and not loose track of the procedures.

Francorchamps – Silver 1 (uncovered)

The uncovered Francorchamps grandstand is located just after the La Source hairpin and just after the pitlane exit. However you cannot see either of the aforementioned, because your view to the right is obscured by a tree line. To the left the grandstand does offer a view of the straight leading to the Eau Rouge complex with a limited view of the GP2 pit area.
The action and excitement of the whole race can however be followed on the bigscreen positioned directly opposite this grandstand.

Spa – Silver 2 (uncovered)

The uncovered Spa grandstand is a long but not very high section of grandstands offering excellent value for money viewing. The grandstand is located on the outside of the circuit just before the Eau Rouge complex. It offers you good views of the GP2 pit area, quite a good view of the podium (provided you sit in the northern section of the stand) and a panoramic view of the Eau Rouge complex. The F1 village is also located right behind the grandstand.
A bigscreen opposite these grandstands intensifies the drama and magnifies the action on other parts of the circuit.

Malmedy – Silver 3 (covered)

This covered grandstand is located on the outside of the circuit, just after the Malmedy chicane. This third gear left right flick is taken at about 180km/h. The Malmedy grandstand offers spectators reasonable views of the cars from where they exit the Les Combes corner, through the Malmedy chicane to about halfway down the short straight leading into the Rivage hairpin. The grandstand is however very far from the main gate and a stiff walk at times.
The grandstand features a bigscreen TV, which for obvious reasons makes your entire Grand Prix so much more enjoyable.

Bruxelles – Silver 4 (covered)

The covered Bruxelles grandstand is located on the outside of the Rivage hairpin. This good value for money grandstand offers you good views of the cars coming down the short straight leading into the Rivage hairpin and of the hairpin itself. The cars reach about 265km/h on the short back straight before braking hard into the 110km/h second gear hairpin, which is downhill and also off-camber, which tends to induce a bit of understeer to the cars. The hairpin does also offer some occasional overtaking opportunities and is a good stand for photographers to consider, but be warned – it is a long uphill walk from the main gate to this grandstand.
A bigscreen TV is located opposite the grandstand, which enables you to follow the entire race and not loose track of the procedures.

Pouhon – Silver 5 (uncovered)

The uncovered Pouhon grandstand is located on the outside of the Pouhon corner. A short but very steep downhill straight leads into the Pouhon corner, a fast double apex right-hander, which is taken at about 215km/h in fourth. This is also regarded as a very good value for money grandstand and it offers mainly views of the Pouhon corner itself as well as short sections of the straights leading into and out of the corner.
The grandstand is a fairly long walk from the pit area and F1 Village to these stands, but a bigscreen TV is located opposite these big stands.


The general admission areas provide for excellent viewing and offer great value for money admission at Spa. You can choose to view from numerous areas around the circuit, which include beautiful grass banked hillsides and wooded areas, located around mainly the inside of the track. The best section is located just before the Pouhon corner, which even features big screen viewing.
The areas bring you really close to the action, and also provide easy viewing access to disabled spectators. But as always there are no numbered seats and you must be there early to get a good spot, which you stand to loose should you have to visit a toilet or leave to buy food.
Don’t forget to bring along some fold-up chairs.


The circuit did provide good facilities for wheelchair and disabled spectators on the Silver 2 grandstand. Please contact us for further details in this regard.


In terms for good photographic opportunities, a good option is probably the La Source and the Bruxelles grandstands, where the cars slow down substantially and pass closer to the grandstand areas. All the grandstands in the Eau Rouge areas provides excellent opportunities for impressive panoramic photographs, but the cars travel at very high speeds which can make panning a little bit more problematic. For obvious reasons the Pit grandstand will provide you with numerous good pits and start line scenes, but cars roaring down the Pits straight at nearly 280 km/h, makes good photographic shots difficult. Fortunately all weekend tickets will give you free access to all the grandstands for Friday, which will provide you with an excellent opportunity to visit all the above grandstands and to take some hopefully great pictures.


The F1 Village is located behind the Spa grandstand area and fan merchandise are on sale within this area as well as some interesting displays from the tire manufacturers and other F1 related suppliers. It features pleasant grassed areas, with a variety of mobile food and drink units. The F1 Village is accessible from every grandstand.

Food and beverage With numerous mobile catering units positioned around the circuit, a vast range of food and drink is on offer to the race-goers. Prices range from €3 for a burger sandwich, €6 for fries and sausages, €9 for a pizza, €4 for a cold beer and €2.50 for bottled water.


For more detailed information on the racing program and timetable for the 2019 Belgian F1 Grand Prix please visit the Belgium race programme page.


Belgian F1 Circuit and Grandstand Map

Belgian F1 Circuit and Grandstand Map (Click to enlarge)