Although a temporary installation, the Albert Park Formula One Circuit is unlike any other circuit, set in a beautiful park around a huge artificial lake, just to the south of Melbourne! Located close to the city centre and easily accessible by public tram.
Melbourne itself is a diverse mix of cultures and provides a great welcome every year, to people from all over the world. Famed for it’s shopping and in particular for its variety of nightlife, including the largest Casino in the Southern hemisphere, Melbourne offers you a unique experience to be savoured. Not surprisingly, the drivers voted the Australian Formula One GP, as the best Formula 1 Grand Prix for 2004!



The organizers have mastered the art of erecting excellent circuit facilities overnight, just outside the central business area of Melbourne and near the beachside district of St. Kilda.
Albert Park is neither a full time race circuit nor a street circuit, running as it does, on purpose-made roads around the park. The parkland setting and the warm Melbourne weather, combine to make the race circuit a very pleasant venue to watch the Formula 1 Grand Prix from. The track surface is as green as the surrounding park; after a year of pedestrians, cycles and horses passing over the track, the grip level is poor, although it will improve throughout the race weekend. The circuit winds over roadways around the park and features a good combination of high-, medium- and low-speed corners, including a couple of chicanes and some rather difficult overtaking areas in braking zones.

What the drivers say

Most racing drivers love going to Australia, the atmosphere is nice, and it’s usually the first race of the Formula 1 season. The circuit is a mix of high-speed straights and tight corners and good brakes and grip become important factors. Overtaking is quite difficult here, with the two best overtaking chances at the end of the pits straight and through the left flick of Turn 11. The track surface is very smooth, resulting in relatively low grip, particularly at the start of the weekend. Throughout the weekend however, the grip tends to pick up rapidly and it is not uncommon for the cars to be quicker during the race through the slow corners, than they have been during qualifying. Traction is of great importance and reliability is also usually an issue.


The 2019 FORMULA 1™ ING Australian Grand Prix is set to take place from March 26 to March 29, and promises to be a spectacular battle between the great names in F1 racing.

The event will offer something for everyone; from roving entertainers and rides, to a post-race rock concert by the legendary rock band, ‘The Who’.

2019 will see the return of the V8 Supercars, an event that proved to be popular in the past. A new format will be introduced; Ford will take on Holden to battle it out for top honours in the V8 Supercars Manufacturers’ Challenge.

Although not yet finalized for 2019, we have included last year’s Formula 1 GP racing program, to give you an idea of what the event program could look like. We do not expect any other major changes from the previous GP program and information below.
Please take note that the following program is the previous year’s Formula 1 program information, and will change for 2016. Known changes are indicated in bold.


0830 Gates open to public
0915-0930 V8 Supercars Prizewinners hot laps
0930-0950 Aussie Racing Cars Practice
1010-1030 Cleanevent Carrera Cup Practice
1045-1105 Australian GT Practice
1115-1135 The Ultimate Speed Comparison Practice – All cars
1145-1205 Historic Demonstration
1205-1215 Red Berets Parachute Display
1220-1240 Cleanevent Carrera Cup Qualifying
1300-1320 Aussie Racing Cars Qualifying
1340-1400 Australian GT Qualifying
1420-1450 V8 Supercars Manufacturers Challenge Practice
1510-1530 Cleanevent Carrera Cup Race 1 (8 laps)
1540-1550 The Ultimate Speed Comparison Demonstration #1
1600-1620 Australian GT Race 1 (8 laps)
1625-1635 Navy Squirrel Helicopter Aerial Display
1640-1710 V8 Supercars Manufacturers Challenge Qualifying
1730-1750 Aussie Racing Cars Race 1 (8 laps)
1900 Gates closed to public
0830 Gates open to public
0900-0920 Celebrity Challenge Qualifying 1
1000-1130 Formula One Practice Session 1
1140-1150 The Ultimate Speed Comparison Demonstration #2
1155-1210 Historic Demonstration
1215-1230 Celebrity Challenge Qualifying 2
1230-1240 Red Berets Parachute Display
1245-1325 V8 Supercars Manufacturers Challenge Top 10 Shootout
1345-1355 Navy Squirrel Helicopter Aerial Display
1400-1530 Formula One Practice Session 2
1555-1625 V8 Supercars Manufacturers Challenge Race 1 (15 laps)
1635-1645 Porsche 917/30 Demonstration
1655-1710 Cleanevent Carrera Cup Race 2 (6 laps)
1725-1740 Australian GT Race 2 (6 laps)
1750-1805 Aussie Racing Cars Race 2 (6 laps)
1900 Gates closed to public
0830 Gates open to public
0918-0930 Grand Prix Rally Parade (2 laps)
0950-1000 Porsche 917/30 Demonstration
1005-1025 Historic Demonstration
1040-1055 RAAF Roulettes Aerial Display
1100-1200 Formula One Practice Session 3
1215-1225 Navy Squirrel Helicopter Aerial Display
1230-1240 On Track Demonstration
1250-1305 Celebrity Challenge Race 1 (5 laps)
1310-1320 V8 Supercars Manufacturers Challenge Drivers’ Parade
1315-1325 Red Berets Parachute Display
1340-1350 RAAF F/A-18 Jet Aerial Display
1400-1500 Formula One Qualifying Session
1530-1600 V8 Supercars Manufacturers Challenge Race 2 (15 laps)
1615-1635 Aussie Racing Cars Race 3 (8 laps)
1650-1700 The Ultimate Speed Comparison Demonstration #3
1710-1730 Cleanevent Carrera Cup Race 3 (8 laps)
1745-1805 Australian GT Race 3 (8 laps)
1900 Gates closed to public
0830 Gates open to public
0950-1005 Historic And Exotic Marques Parade Laps
1025-1035 The Ultimate Speed Comparison Demonstration #4
1045-1100 Aussie Racing Cars Race 4 (6 laps)
1120-1135 Australian GT Race 4 (6 laps)
1155-1210 Cleanevent Carrera Cup Race 4 (6 laps)
1230-1245 Celebrity Challenge Race 2 (5 laps)
1250-1255 Celebrity Challenge Parade
1250-1300 Navy Squirrel Helicopter Aerial Display
1310-1350 V8 Supercars Manufacturers Challenge Race 3 (19 laps)
1355 Formula One Drivers’ Photo
1400-1410 Formula One Drivers’ Parade
1410 On Track Parade lap
1420 On Track Demonstration
1425-1435 Red Berets Parachute Display
1440-1450 RAAF Roulettes Aerial Display
1500 Formula One – Pit Lane Open
1510-1520 RAAF F/A-18 Jet Aerial Display
1515 Formula One – Pit Lane Closed & Grid Formation
1520-1522 National Anthem
1522 Qantas Jet Flyover
1530 Formula 1™ Ing Australian Grand Prix – 58 Laps The 2019 Grand Prix starts at 1700
2200 Gates closed to public