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Detailed Sepang F1 seating information on all grandstands is set out in the malaysia Grand Prix circuit maps below. Except for the general admission Hillstands, the seating on all grandstands for the 2016 F1 malaysia Grand Prix is covered – it is however still recommended to prepare for all weather conditions e.g. sunscreen, umbrellas, hats, etc. All the Sepang grandstands, excluding the Hillstand areas offer bigscreen viewing. Usually racing tickets for the more popular Sepang grandstands, like the Diamond, Upper Tower and F Platinum grandstands, tend to sell out first for the F1 malaysia Grand Prix.


Before considering the most appropriate malaysia grandstand tickets that best suits your F1 Grand Prix needs, it is important to consider the location and benefits of each of the Hillstands and covered malaysia grandstands available. We suggest that you refer to the detailed grandstand information below and attached Sepang circuit maps to further assist you in making the best grandstand choice.


In general the Northern Mall Grandstands offer you great viewing of the start and finish of the Grand Prix, all the pit activity before and during the F1 Grand Prix and the on track activities before the start. However as a result of the exceptionally high pit buildings not much of the rest of the track is visible from the grandstands directly opposite the pit complex. In this regard the Southern Mall Grandstand offers you a more of a panoramic view of the Sepang circuit.


Ruby(upper Tier)/ Garnet(lower Tier) View images

Located at the far end of the Mall Area, near the tower, this covered grandstand offers you a rear view of cars lining up on the starting grid. You will also enjoy a view of the pit entry and of Turn 5, a fast right-hander running onto a short straight on the opposite side of the track. A big screen is visible from this section of the Northern Mall area.

Diamond(upper Tier)/ Crystal(lower Tier) View images

This covered grandstand faces pit numbers 1 – 7, which means it presents a view of the top teams and their pit activities (the current world champions are normally allocated pit 1, pit 2 to the runners-up, and so forth). It also means that you will see the start/finish of the racing from the green light to the checkered flag, as well as a clear view of the podium ceremony. A bigscreen is also located here enabling you to follow the entire racing and not loose track of the procedures.

Emerald(upper Tier)/ Jade (lower Tier) View images

Facing pit numbers 7 – 18, the Emerald and Jade covered grandstands offer excellent views of a large number of the teams and their pit stop activities. Experience the adrenaline rush as the cars jockey for positions off the start line. A bigscreen is also visible from this stand, which makes it so much easier for you to keep track of what is happening later on during the racing.

Sapphire(upper Tier)/ Turquoise(lower Tier) View images

Situated at the end of the Mall Area opposite pit numbers 19 – 30, the Sapphire and Turquoise covered grandstands offer a good view of the very tight hairpin at the end of the pit straight and the pit exit. You will see the cars braking heavily as the drivers try to out brake each other going into the hairpin. A big screen is visible from this section of the Northern Mall area.


Topaz (upper Tier) / Citrine (lower Tier) View images

Topaz and Citrine, the upper and lower tiers of the covered Southern Mall Grandstand offer you an impressive view of the entire southern section of the Sepang Circuit. In effect this means that you will be able to see the cars from the time they exit Turn 8 all the way round up to the entrance of the Turn 13 hairpin, including a exhilarating high speed run down the back straight of the circuit. Two bigscreens can be watched from this massive grandstand to enhance your Grand Prix experience even further.


Located on the inside of the Turn 15 hairpin between the main and back straights, the covered Tower Grandstand can provides good viewing of certain sections of the track, provided you can move around (which is only possible in Upper Tower area). Not the best value for money and if you are in the upper level, you would be able to view the start and finish, sections of the main and back straights corners 5, 6, 7 and 8 as well as the corner 15 hairpin. The stand also features bigscreen viewing.


K1 Grandstand View images

Apart from seeing the first two corners, the covered K1 Grandstand also presents you with a grand view of the main straight and a very distant start-finish line. The main straight is very wide, making it possible for the drivers to overtake an opponent down into Turn 1, a long and very tight hairpin. Turn 1 exits directly into Turn 2, a tricky little left-hander, which once again immediately leads out into Turn 3, a long sweeping right-hander. The K1 stand also features a bigscreen, which for obvious reasons makes the entire F1 Grand Prix so much more enjoyable.

F Grandstand View images

If you want panoramic view (60%+) of the circuit, then the covered F Grandstand provides the best viewing for your money. Situated opposite the Tower Grandstand, the stand overlooks sections of both the northern and southern sections of the track. Exciting views include the full rollercoaster ride of Turns 5, 6, 7 and 8, a clear view of long sections of the back straight, the Turn 15 hairpin at the Tower Grandstand, as well as deep into the main straight including a view of the rear-end of the start. A bigscreen is also located directly opposite the stand, enabling you to follow the entire racing and not loose track of the procedures.


The Hillstands are grass covered manmade hills and, with the exception of the Hillstand C2, are not covered stands. They have all been planted with palm trees (only the sections on the top), which provide limited shade, a precious commodity in Malaysia where temperatures can soar up to 35 degrees C on racing day. These stands are elevated to a height from where excellent panoramic views of the track can be seen. The C and E Hillstands also gives you a opportunity to view the racing cars a second time as they come down the end of the back straight breaking heavily into the Turn 15 hairpin. They do provide excellent viewing and value for money for the budget conscious spectator.

C Hillstands (c2 Is Covered – C1 & C3 Are Uncovered) View images

The C Hillstands provides good viewing of turns 9, 10 & 11, starting with Turn 9 a tight left-hander which is very slow, followed by hard acceleration up to Turn 10, a long right hander. Turn 10 exits directly into the Turn 11 turn-in area, another but tighter right-hander. This is a very tricky part of the circuit, because one corner leads immediately into another, so it’s quite difficult to get the right line. C2 is the only covered Hillstand on the track and provides really good value for money.

E Hillstands (uncovered) View images

One of the most affordable viewing areas, the uncovered E Hillstand offers you an excellent panoramic view of the racing action, as the cars come through Turns 5 and 6, the double right hander consisting of Turns 7 & 8 which, in effect becomes one corner, right down to Turn 9. The E Hillstands also gives you a second opportunity to view the cars as they come down the of the back straight breaking heavily into the Turn 15 hairpin.

G Hillstand (uncovered) View images

The G Hillstand is another open grass covered hill area, which offers a full view of Turns 4, 5 & 6. Turn 4 is technically not that difficult from a driver’s point of view. However Turn 5, the next left-hander, is very very fast, very long, luckily with a huge run-off area, so there’s no problem with safety here, but it’s a neck-breaker because of the unbelievable G-forces the drivers experience through this corner. Turn 5 is followed once again by a fast right-hander, Turn 6, which leads onto a short straight up to the double right-hander consisting of Turns 7 & 8.

K2 Hillstand (uncovered) View images

An open grass covered hill area, planted with palm trees, which offer limited shade. The Hillstand K2’s main feature is Turn 3, which is a long sweeping right hander and which can provide a driver with a good run up onto another competitor, provided he gets a good exit from Turn 2. It is a bit of an uphill run to Turn 4, providing you with the awesome sound of an F1 racing car accelerating at full throttle and up shifting continuously.



The F1 Village is located between the Northern and Southern Mall areas, just after the circuit’s official Welcome Area. Team, circuit and other fan merchandise are on sale within this area as well as some interesting displays from the tire manufacturers and F1 related suppliers. The village is accessible from ever grandstand or hillstand, with the use of the free shuttle bus service around the Sepang circuit.

Free Shuttle Bus services are provided by the organizers for the duration of the F1 Grand Prix weekend. This free shuttle bus service runs continuously around the circuit and the shuttles stop for drop-offs and pick-ups at ever gate and grandstand. At the end of the race on Sunday this service can however become unreliable and a bit chaotic.

Food and beverage the organizers do not permit any food or beverages to be taken into the grandstand or hillstand areas! They do however provide for a selection of food and beverages, including cold Foster’s beer, at various outlets located within all grandstand as well as hillstand areas, but obviously at a rather steep price.

Radio Sepang do broadcasts in English throughout the race weekend and the live commentary is very helpful to follow the race. Once the pit stop phase commences it sometimes becomes rather difficult to determine track positions of the various cars on different pit stop strategies. So make sure you take a small potable FM radio and earphones along in order to use this nice to have service.



For more detailed information on all the F1 Grand Prix racing programs and more specifically for the 2016 F1 malaysia Grand Prix event program, please visit the malaysia circuit information race programme page.


Malaysia F1 Circuit and Grandstand Map

Malaysia F1 Circuit and Grandstand Map (Click to enlarge)