Detailed Spanish F1 seating information on all grandstands is set out in the Spanish Grand Prix circuit maps below. The seating on most grandstands for the 2019 Spanish F1 Grand Prix is uncovered – it is therefore highly recommended to prepare yourself, for all weather conditions e.g. sunscreen, umbrellas, hats, etc. All grandstands offer bigscreen viewing. Usually tickets for the more popular grandstands, like the Main, F, N, and H Grandstands tend to sell out first for the Spanish F1 Grand Prix. Only three grandstands on the Spanish Grand Prix Circuit are covered – the Main, M and I and we do not expect 2019 to be an exception.


Before considering the most appropriate package that best suits your 2019 F1 Spanish Grand Prix needs, it is important to consider the location and benefits of the available general admission and grandstand tickets. We suggest that you refer to the attached grandstand map, to further assist you in making the best possible choice.


The Circuit de Catalunya offers a total of fourteen grandstands, with a total capacity of 67,730 seats. All grandstands seats are numbered but only 3 grandstands (the Main, M and I) are covered. There are sufficient catering facilities all around the track, offering soft drinks, beer and fast food. You can also purchase a self-service hospitality ticket at the circuit, which includes a coffee session each day between 07h00 and 11h00h, a lunch session between 12h00 and 16h00 and an open bar serving soft drinks, beer and juices throughout the day.
All Grand Prix tickets also give you free access to the circuit’s general admission areas, from where you can stroll almost all around the circuit. The Circuit de Catalunya is a hilly circuit, which ensures, that the views over the track from the general admission mounds are in most cases pretty good.

Main grandstand (principal)

The covered Main Grandstand is located on the pit straight directly opposite the pit area, which means it presents you with a view of the racing teams and their pit activities. It also means that you will see the start/finish of the race, from the green light to the chequered flag, as well as have a clear view of the podium ceremony. Two superscreen TV’s are also located here enabling you to follow the entire race and not loose track of the procedures. This grandstand which can accommodate 10 000 spectators, has public lifts for easy access and would be an obvious choice for a disabled person. The “Avinguda dels Campions” (Champions Boulevard) and the F1 Village area offering a great selection of official team and circuit products, is located behind the Main Grandstand.

Grandstands J & K

These two uncovered grandstands J and K are situated towards the end of the long pit straight opposite the pit lane exit. They provide good views of the racing cars starting to brake for the Elf corner and of the spectacular acceleration of the cars out of the pit lane. The two grandstands also present you with a excellent overall view of the main straight as well as good views of the opposite side of the circuit, as the cars exit Seat Corner, all the way down to Wurth Corner.
A superscreen TV is located here, enabling you to follow the entire race and not loose track of the action elsewhere.

Grandstand E & F

These two uncovered grandstands E and F, are situated at the end of the main straight just before the Elf Corner – a really exciting corner, especially on the opening lap. This 2nd gear right-hander, is a potential overtaking point, because it is relatively slow and comes at the end of the long main straight. Accelerating downhill along the start-finish straight, the cars reach about 310km/h in 7th gear before braking really hard. The drivers can experience up to 4.8 Gs under braking into the Elf Corner, as the cars reduce their speed to around 135km/h, all in about 90 metres! The two grandstands also present you with an excellent overall view of the main straight as well as good views on the opposite side of the track, as the cars exit Seat Corner, all the way down to Wurth Corner.
The grandstands also feature a superscreen TV, which for obvious reasons makes your entire Grand Prix so much more enjoyable.

Grandstand A

The uncovered Grandstand A is located on the outside of the Elf Chicane. This is one of the more popular grandstands on the Circuit de Catalunya, and provides seating for 4 000 spectators. The stand also offers a great view of the main pit straight, both the right- and the left-hander sections of the Elf Corner as well as great views of the Seat Corner right down to Wurth Corner. The racing cars reduce their speed to about 135km/h for the first right-hander section of the Elf Corner, and then accelerated hard into 3rd gear for the left-hander section, which is sometimes taken flat out during qualifying!
A bigscreen is visible from this stand, which makes it so much easier for you to keep track of what is happening later on during the race.

Grandstand L

The uncovered Grandstand L is located on the outside of the Seat left-hander, a 90km/h 2nd gear left-hander hairpin and the slowest corner on the circuit. This grandstand, which can accommodate 1 488 spectators, is exceptionally high and arguably offers you the best panoramic view on the circuit. You can see the main straight, the whole Elf Corner, the entrance to the Renault Corner, a section of the Repsol Corner and obviously the Seat Corner right down to Wurth Corner. The stand also features a bigscreen and is definitely one of our recommended grandstands.

Grandstand M

The covered Grandstand M, which provides seating for 5000 spectators, is located on the outside of the Seat Hairpin corner entry. From the Repsol Corner the cars accelerate downhill on a short straight up to about 240km/h in 5th gear, before breaking down to 90km/h for the 2nd gear Seat Hairpin. This hairpin, the slowest corner on the circuit, provides definite overtaking opportunities under hard braking. This grandstand brings you very close to the racing cars and also offers you some main straight sections and Elf Corner views. A bigscreen provides you with the opportunity to follow other parts of the race.

Grandstand N

The uncovered Grandstand N with a capacity of 8000 spectators is located just before the Campsa Corner, which is a right hander taken at 195km/h in 5th gear. The Campsa Corner, which exits onto the back straight, is a high speed, technical challenging and critical corner, where a lot of lap time can be gained or lost. This grandstand is the most affordable stand on the circuit and offers you good views of the racing cars exiting the Wurth Corner, accelerating past you on a short straight, through Campsa Corner and down the back straight towards the La Caixa Hairpin.
The bigscreen diagonally opposite ensures you won’t miss a second of all the other race action.

Grandstand B & G

Located in what is known as the “Stadium” both Grandstands B and G, offer you good views of the racing cars exiting from the La Caixa Hairpin, going into the 3rd gear 120km/h right-hander the Banc Sabadell Corner. They then accelerate into another 240km/h right-hander, the Europcar corner.
In order to make it more comfortable for spectators, Grandstand G, which is one of the oldest grandstands on the circuit, was totally restructured during 2005. Its seats have been replaced for more comfortable and ergonomic new seats, access passages have been redesigned and its capacity has been increased to 10 000 spectators. Both grandstands offer bigscreen viewing, which makes it so much easier for you to keep track of what is happening later on during the race.

Grandstand C & H

The uncovered Grandstand C is located on the outside of the apex of the very fast 4th gear 240km/h right-hander Europcar Corner, which can taken flat out during qualifying and with just a slight lift of the throttle during the race.
The uncovered Grandstand H is located just after the Europcar Corner, and is arguably the best grandstand in the Stadium area. The stand offers great views of the whole Stadium section up to and including the entry of the last corner of the circuit, the New Holland Corner.
The action and the excitement of the whole race can be followed on the bigscreen positioned directly opposite Grandstand H. This grandstand is one of our recommended grandstands. A bigscreen is located diagonally opposite the stand, which for obvious reasons makes your entire Grand Prix so much more enjoyable.

Grandstand I

The covered Grandstand I can accommodate 2700 spectators and is located on the outside of the last, but very important corner of the circuit – the New Holland Corner – which is taken in 5th gear at 225km/h, with only a small lift on entry. The cars use a lot of kerb on this final corner, and many top drivers have almost come to grief on the dust at the exit, before accelerating towards the start finish line. This corner is taken with only the slightest lift of the throttle, and generates extremely high lateral forces of 3,5 G’s, probably one of the highest in Grand Prix racing.
The bigscreen opposite this grandstand intensifies the drama and magnifies the action on other parts of the circuit.


Grandstand G (Stadium Area) and Main Grandstand offer reserved seats for the disabled at the high end of the stands. Both grandstands have toilets for the disabled. Disabled spectators only need a general admission ticket to book any grandstand seat.


In general, the Pelouse (general admission areas), provide for excellent viewing and offer good value for money admission. The Circuit de Catalunya is a naturally hilly circuit featuring a variety of steep mounds, which makes the viewing in the general admission areas good. But as always there are no seats and you must be there early to get a good spot, which you stand to loose should you have to visit a toilet or leave to buy food.


All 3-day race tickets included in any F1 Grand Prix Tours package will entitle you to a free pit lane walk on the Thursday morning from 10h00 to 12h30 and in the afternoon from 16h00 to 19h00.


  • The F1 Village is located behind the Main Grandstand area where the circuit and other fan merchandise are on sale within this area, as well as some interesting displays from the tyre manufacturers and F1 related suppliers. It features pleasant grassed areas, coffee shops fast food outlets and restaurants. The village is accessible from every grandstand.
  • Food and beverage: The organisers provide for a selection of food and beverages, at various outlets located around all the grandstand and general admission areas. The quality of the food is good and prices vary from €3,50 for soft drinks, €4.50 for beer, €4,50 for hot or cold sandwiches and up to € 8,00 for pasta dishes etc.
  • Circuit radio: Spectators can listen to live race commentary for the duration of the 2019 Spanish Grand Prix on Radio Circuit in English and French (103.0 FM), as well as in Catalan and Spanish (103.2 FM), which can be very helpful to follow the race. Once the pit stop phase commences it sometimes becomes rather difficult to determine track positions of the various cars on different pit stop strategies. So make sure you take a small portable FM radio and earphones along in order to use this nice to have service.


For more detailed information on all the F1 Grand Prix racing programs and more specifically for the 2019 F1 Australian Grand Prix event program, please visit the Spanish circuit information race programme page.


Spanish F1 circuit and grandstands map

Spanish F1 circuit and grandstands map (click to enlarge)